After School will be open in November 🐵🦁

Dear Parents,

Following up from the Presidential announcements regarding the new round of restrictive measures running from October 30th from December 1st and the publication of the decret detailing these measures, we can confirm that we will be open for our usual sessions with an extended application of the sanitary protocol which we’ve applied since May 12th.

The principles of this protocol will be maintained and extended from November 3rd. Here is a summary of the measures:

  • >>New: Children born in 2014 and earlier will have to wear a mask (from CP upwards).
  • >>New: Children will be expected to bring in their classroom resources: pen, pencil, some coloured pencils, whiteboard & pen, scissors and glue.
  • Communication and prevention from parents: in case of doubt please take temperature and reschedule class. For any contact or positive case: please let us know and reschedule the class.
  • Children come in to the school in groups of 5 and immediately wash their hands.
  • Minimal mingling & interaction between the different age groups.
  • Children are picked up outside the school.
  • One way traffic for dropping off (blue path) and picking up (orange path).

Thank you for your trust and care during these exceptional times.

Jonathan & the After School team