Holiday Camp – Stages anglais vacances Février 2018

Chers Parents,
Nous vous annonçons la suite de nos Holiday Camp 2018! Découvrez notre environnement d’apprentissage 100% anglophone pour les maternelles, primaires et collégiens.
Pendant les vacances de Février il y aura deux semaines de stage:
Week #1: du 19 février au 24 février
Week #2: du 26 février au 2 mars
Si vous voulez inscrire votre monster, vous pouvez nous appeler au 0130710938 ou nous envoyer un mail.

5 days of fun and learning 

De 8h45 à 11h45 | Baby (3-4 ans) -Mini (5-6 ans) – Week #1 Monsters ! Week #2  African Safari


The Monsters will be creating their very own monsters and will be exploring how to describe their creations. They will be focussing on the different body parts and working towards being able to describe the number of body parts the monsters have as well as the physical appearance. They will have plenty of opportunity to sing, be creative and develop their language skills whilst having lots of fun!

African Safari

The Monsters will be discovering language relating to the animals and the habitats that can be found on an African safari. They will be provided with plenty of opportunity to practise using adjectives to describe the animals. The Baby and Mini Monsters will be encouraged to practise their numeracy skills as well as their English Language skills in this exciting week of fun and learning.

De 14h15 à 17h15 |Young (7-8 ans) – Little (9-10 ans): Week #1 After School Hospital Week #2 After School Magic

After School hospital

The Young and Little Monsters will be provided with the opportunity to develop their use of functional and descriptive language to describe health and illness. They will be taking part in role-plays, developing their own project that will be performed at the end of the week and completing a variety of creative tasks. The Young and Little Monsters will be considering and advising on the different ways that people can live a healthy lifestyle.

After School Magic

The Young and Little Monsters will be undertaking a variety of different tasks that will expand their use of the English language. They will be exploring instructional language with potion making and spell writing; descriptive language to discuss magical animals and objects; and developing the use of the present tense looking at the Magic School routine and classes. The Young and Little Monsters are set to have a fantastic week of fun and learning!

De 13h00 à 16h00 |Teens (11-12 ans et 13-15 ans): Week #1 On Stage Week #2 Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales

On Stage

The Teens will be exploring the exciting theme ‘On Stage’. They will be investigating the different types of performance and shows that appear on the stage, such as music concerts, plays and ceremonies. They will be expanding their knowledge and use of the past tense to read and write about famous stars! The week will end with a project performance in English that the Teens have developed throughout the holiday camp. The week will provide plenty of opportunity for the Teens to practise using English in a variety of different ways.  

Myths, Legens and Fairy Tales

The second holiday camp theme for the Teens will have them looking at Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales. The Teens will be exploring the differences between myths, legends and fairy tales around the world. They will be looking at some of the different characters found in the stories and creating fun and interesting profiles about them. The Teens will be using the past tense in both simple and continuous forms to write descriptions and their own piece of creative writing. They will have the opportunity to build their confidence using English in lots of different situations and formats and they are sure to have plenty of fun whilst learning!

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